Their mission

Lay members, in the world and from the world, share, in the task of evangelizing by giving witness to good Christian life and by living out their fidelity to their Consecration or to their promises. They do so , to help organize the temporal so that it conforms to God’s plan and so that the world is made alive with the force of the Gospel.

Furthermore, members collaborate in the service of their church and/or community according to their secular style of life.

“To participate actively and completely in man’s history implies the responsible taking on of any social, civil, political, and ecclesiastical jobs offered us. It implies, participating in the suffering and pain of our brothers and sisters, especially with the outcasts of society and the poor in spirit and in the flesh. In them and through them does the Passion of our Lord continue today, with solidarity. We are tangibly available to others with all the help we can give them. It also implies collaboration with the Passionist Order according to ones’ possibilities…